22 Weeks

How many weeks: 22


Baby is the size of… A Papaya… or according to another app, an American Guinea Pig.

How am I feeling? Tired, occasionally queasy and a little bit stressed due to work pressures. I keep telling myself there is only 13 weeks till Mat leave. 63 working days, possibly less! Work has advertised my mat leave position this week, which will hopefully see me spend a good few weeks with my replacement before I leave.

What’s happened this week? I had a follow up appointment at the hospital to get my ultrasound and glucose test results. Fortunately all is well on both fronts! I do have to repeat the glucose test at 28 weeks though, just to make sure all is well. I tolerated it ok last time, so I hope it’s the same next time. I don’t have any more appointments for 4 more weeks which is probably the longest stretch I’ve had throughout this pregnancy.

Symptoms? I finally got to feel some kicks from the outside! It was 5.30am on Thursday morning and I couldn’t sleep because my hips were sore and the cat was making a fuss. I felt a kick and thought I’d take my chance and put my hand on my tummy where I felt it. Usually bubs stops as soon as I try to feel the kicks, but not this time!

What next? Busy busy busy week this week. 2 work functions and Damian’s umpires presentation night. I’m going to be wrecked by the end of the week, but I have a catch up with my girlfriends to look forward to!

21 Weeks

How many weeks: 21


Baby is the size of… A Pomegranate? According to my app this kid is getting smaller by the week…

How am I feeling? Tired, but otherwise ok. I’m over halfway there now. I finally put my application in for maternity leave this week. All going well I should be finishing up on 18 December. That’s only 14 weeks to go. Or no more than 68 working days!

Best moment this week? I got have another ultrasound this week. It was only a quick one to get the heart shots we didn’t get last time. Bubs was still a bit stubborn but we got there in the end. It was amazing to see how much he/she had grown in the space of 2 weeks. S/he is definitely getting stronger too. Kicks are more definite and sometimes uncomfortable if it’s in the wrong place. It is reassuring though to feel them so strong and so frequently. I can’t feel them from the outside yet though – every time I put my hand on my tummy, the kicks suddenly stop.

After my visit with the doctors at the hospital last week they requested that I do an early glucose tolerance test. I have been dreading this since my morning sickness started,  I still struggle with nausea and vomiting if I happen to decide to have a shower before having breakfast. Thankfully, all went much better than expected. I felt fine throughout, though the nurse struggled to find my veins which isn’t unusual. I have lovely bruises on both arms from all the poking! I get my results on Wednesday so I am hoping all is well. However there is a chance I’d still have to repeat the test later on 😦

Symptoms? I’m really tired at night still, but I am sleeping ok which is good. I am also getting out of breath more easily. I guess there is less room for my lungs to inflate at the moment.

Purchases? Yes! I have finally made some purchases! First thing was a second had bassinet which was a bargain at $20. I got a couple of sheets for it today on sale at Big W. I also got Damian his own nappy bag for Father’s day (filled with assorted baby and dad to be goodies!)

I had some spare time today so went and looked at some prams. I think I have narrowed down the features I want and have a couple of models shortlisted. Fortunately the ones I am looking at seem to be quite affordable, and I may even consider a new one rather than second hand after all!

19 Weeks

How many weeks: 19!


Baby is the size of… A mango (yum!)

How am I feeling? Pretty good! I’ve had a lot more energy in the last couple of days, and have found I haven’t had to eat as much or as often. I’ve put on about 3 kg in the last 2 weeks, which I am attributing to binging after practically not eating for 2 whole months. That said, I am only 3kg up over all on my pre-conception weight, so it can’t be that bad really. I am going to see a dietician next week who can hopefully help me ensure minimal weight gain over the next 20 weeks or so.

Best moment this week? The morphology scan! We have one pretty healthy but very uncooperative bubba! It has all its bits in all the right places. 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet, 2 hands and 5 fingers on each hand. Kidneys and stomach seem to be functioning and there are lenses developing in the eyes. Bubs was moving around a lot, but wouldn’t get into the right position to get the right angles for the heart pics. This means I need to go back in 2 weeks and try again. I’m not worried – I know the heart was beating at a good rate – I’m a bit excited we get to have another look!


We also had a sneaky peek at the sex – something I never thought I would agree to. I was certain I wanted the surprise in the delivery room. However over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling very disconnected from the pregnancy. It didn’t seem real, I didn’t feel like I was bonding with bubs. I was anxious and worried and thought finding out what we were having might help me feel better. It’s only early days, but I’m pleased we found out. I’m starting to see him/her as a real little human and will hopefully be able to enjoy this pregnancy now!

Oh, and it’s a little secret for us for the moment. I’m sure all will be revealed eventually!

Symptoms? The kicking and moving! I was finally able to confirm that what I have been feeling are definitely kicks and movement. At the ultrasound we could see bubs moving on the screen and I could feel the big ones at the same time! Since then, I’ve found bubs most active when I’m sitting down and particularly in the evenings.

Purchases? Still nothing for bubs. But now I know what we are having I’ll be sure to start soon!

What am I looking forward to this week? I have taken this coming Tuesday as an annual leave day as I have my first appointment with the obstetrician in the morning and the dietician in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to the sleep in and finding out what’s going to happen next!

18 Weeks

Baby is the size of… A Sweet Potato


How am I feeling? Apart from a minor cold, I’m feeling ok. I still have done virtually nothing to prepare for bubs arrival. I did pick out some colour cards from Bunnings for the baby’s room, but I’m so indecisive nothing is likely to happen on the painting front. This kid will probably be 10 before it gets a nicely decorated room.

Best moment this week? Finishing the week! I’m very much looking forward to a sleep in,

Symptoms? Since yesterday I have developed elephant feet and mega cankles. I thought this wasn’t meant to happen til later! I am worried about pre eclampsia, but I have no other symptoms. The swelling is just in my feet, and I’m still able to wear my wedding rings comfortably. I also haven’t had any headaches and all the checks at the midwife appointment last week were fine.

Also the little kicks and movements I have been feeling have been getting stronger and more frequent. I always get a bit of a tap dance when I drink coffee. I can’t tell if bub loves or hates it!

Purchases? A few more maternity items – I’m pretty much all in maternity clothes now. I’m going to have to pack away all my regular clothes (or have a massive clean out)

What am I looking forward to this week? I have the Morphology scan this week, where they will check bub’s anatomy and make sure all the bits are where they should be. Can’t wait to see him/her again!

17 Weeks

How many weeks pregnant? 17 Weeks


Baby is the size of… An onion (must be a big onion to be bigger than an avocado…)

How am I feeling? Physically, I’m feeling the best I have since I first got sick. I still have to eat first thing in the morning, but I’m not waking up all queasy. I’m also able to eat pretty much normally.

Mentally – nothing has quite sunk in yet. It still doesn’t feel real. My head just can’t seem to grasp that there’s an actual tiny human growing in there. Had all gone well in December last year, I’d have been giving birth this week. I don’t know how I would have been ready! Everything seems very overwhelming and I really don’t know where or how to start preparing.

I had my first midwife appointment this week which was exciting and a little overwhelming. Everything appears normal and low risk. The midwife said I’d been the easiest case she’d seen that day. The only thing at this stage which could put me at high risk is my BMI. I’m 39 and anything over 35 is high risk. I hope they look at everything else like my low blood pressure and good sugar levels before just assuming I’ll be high risk.

Best moment this week? I definitely felt my first kicks and wriggles. I haven’t noticed any pattern yet but I’m sure I will! Also got to hear the heartbeat at the midwife appointment which was a bit special.

Symptoms? Nothing much to report really!

Purchases? A couple of maternity items for me, but nothing for bub yet! Like I said, I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to spend money on stuff I don’t need!

What am I looking forward to this week? Looks like it’s going to be a regular old week. No appointments till the week after when I have my morphology scan. I’m not looking forward to the dentist on Monday (more so the cost than the procedure!) But it has to be done. The vomiting has accelerated some cavities and I need a filling 😦

16 Weeks!

Woo! 16 weeks this week! I feel like 16 weeks is awesome because it’s closer to 20 weeks than 10. I’m nearly halfway there already!


How many weeks pregnant? 16 weeks & 2 days today

Days until Due Date? Just over 23 weeks

Baby is the size of a… Avocado!!

Best moment this week? Lots of good things this week!

  • I worked full time
  • I have only been sick once
  • I haven’t taken any Ondansetron (my strong anti nausea medication) since last Friday
  • I’ve re-introduced a few foods back into the diet

Symptoms? I’m still getting bouts of nausea if I don’t eat regularly (90 mins – 2 hours is my limit). Thankfully my energy is increasing during the day, but I’m wrecked at night.

Cravings? Still anything sweet. I made a conscious effort this week to limit my refined sugar intake. I replaced lollies with fruit – strawberries, kiwis and bananas.

Food aversions? Meat still has me a bit iffy, but I cooked a chicken curry and spag bol (much to Damian’s delight!) this week. I’m having it in small doses and I probably couldn’t eat a whole steak, but I’m pleased to have my appetite back.

Maternity clothes? Yes! I caved and had to pick up a few things this week. I got jeans, a top and a dress.

Any nesting going on? As you can see from my photo, I’ve not done a single thing in the baby’s room. I am consciously de cluttering when I can. I’ve chucked a few things from the cupboards already.

What am I looking forward to this week? I have my first midwife appointment on Wednesday when I’ll be 17 weeks. I’m hoping they’ll be able to hear bubs’ heartbeat on a doppler. I *think* I’m feeling some movements but I can’t be sure. Hearing the heartbeat will put my mind at ease.

15 weeks

How many weeks pregnant? 15 weeks & 3 days today

Days until Due Date? Just over 24 weeks

Baby is the size of a… Apple!!IMG_20150730_083259

Best moment this week? I survived my first full time week back at work – including 2 x 7 hour drives interstate and back. I worked 9-5 each day and although I was tired, I didn’t get sick!

Pregnancy Symptoms? The nausea and food aversions are still hanging around, but not as bad as they were. I tend to fall asleep easily, then wake up at 3.30 and can’t get back to sleep. I’ve also been noticing a bit of pain or discomfort in my hips at night. Last night I went to Kmart and bought a body pillow. Best. Investment. Ever! I had a really solid sleep and Damian said I didn’t even snore!

Being a size 18-20 it is hard to see obvious changes in my body, but I have been taking my pics weekly anyway. I have made a bit of a comparison and I think I definitely have a little something going on.


Cravings? All the sugar. And Cheese.

Food aversions? Still meat, but I am re introducing it slowly. I had a pie yesterday on my way home from NSW and it went down well! A new aversion this week is the crusts of my toast. I think it’s a texture thing – I just can’t eat them!

Maternity clothes? Still haven’t bought anything. I am in desperate need of work clothes as I have an awful habit of only shopping a couple of times a year and wearing every outfit until it is ratty.

Any nesting going on? Nope. Except for pinning heaps of stuff on pinterest, I have done nothing whatsoever. I think I want to wait until after my next ultrasound to start putting the baby’s room together.

What am I looking forward to this week? Hopefully a full time week in the office, and a more energetic weekend next weekend.

14 weeks

After a roller coaster first trimester, the last 2 weeks have absolutely flown by!


How many weeks pregnant? 14 weeks and 4 days

Days until Due Date? Just over 25 weeks

Baby is the size of a… Lemon!

Best moment this week? Today is my fourth day in a row without needing nausea medication! I’ve still been sick and throwing up occasionally, but I haven’t needed the meds and I’m feeling heaps better!

Pregnancy Symptoms? Apart from the nausea, I’ve started getting reflux and heartburn. Today I sneezed and felt an intense pain in my pelvis. Dr google tells me it’s probably round ligament pain – a pretty normal thing!

Cravings? Milo! I haven’t had the stuff in years! Also lollies, particularly redskins. And marmalade on toast.

Food aversions? Meat. Can’t cook it or smell it or watch it on TV without gagging. I haven’t really touched it for 2 months! Though I did manage to eat a chicken and salad roll for lunch on Thursday and I was on a protein high for the rest of the day! I’m sure I’ll be able to eat it again soon enough.

Maternity clothes? Not yet. It doesn’t look like it, but I do have a slight bump! Fortunately most of my existing wardrobe is stretchy and accommodating. I will need to pick up a few basics within the next few weeks though.

Any nesting going on? Nope. Just planning for the nesting stage – I can’t wait! I’ve spent the best part of the last 2 months on the couch. My energy has picked up this week, so I have been catching up on work and housework. We need to have a big clean out and I’m planning on having a garage sale after footy season.

What am I looking forward to this week? I am finally going back to full time hours (my bank account will thank me!) but I am travelling for work. I am worried about being sick while being away, but I know I have my precious tablets if I need them!

The first trimester continued

After our positive first scan, I began to relax a little bit, however the sickness was getting worse. This was good thing though, as it helped my mind to think that everything was still ok. I worried on the odd days where I felt ok, but the sickness always came back, without fail!


I felt comfortable enough to make my first (and only) purchase so far – this pregnancy planner from Kikki-k. It has a diary, shopping lists, to do lists, a spot to record a birth plan, and even feeding and sleep records for once bubs is born! It goes with me everywhere.

The weeks slowly ticked by.  I negotiated with work to work part time hours until I felt better. My mornings were horrible but I picked up (with the help of medication) in the afternoons. I was starting to feel better about the viability of the pregnancy after we passed the point where we lost bubs last time. Then I started spotting again at 10 weeks.

It was heavier than the first time but still no pain or cramps. I went back to the doctor once again to ask for a check up scan. My nuchal scan was still over 2 weeks away and I didn’t want to be hanging on to the anxiety for that long. The doctor wasn’t concerned about the spotting, but he was very sympathetic to my situation and gave me a referral. I was able to get in the same day. Damian was away for work and I didn’t want to go alone so I asked my mum to come with me. Again, I was nervous heading into the scan, and again I was afraid to look. Surely the worst had happened again.

But I need not have worried. My little blob had a strong heartbeat and had even grown arms and legs! The technician was great and said she sees it all the time. It is most often the uterus lining being dislodged by the growing placenta. Most people just reabsorb it, but for some people like me it comes out. Once again I was relieved. What a roller coaster!

NOLANALISHA20150708101201089And so the sickness continued. As did the anxiety every time I had a good day. Soon enough I was at 12 weeks and it was time for the magic 12 week scan. I felt more confident going into this one. I didn’t even close my eyes! On the screen we saw what was finally starting to look like a baby! We could see fingers and toes beginning to form. He/she was doing somersaults and waving. The right bits were in the right spots and everything was measuring on time. We were excited to finally announce to our extended family and friends!

So I’m having a baby…

The test

It was mothers day this year when I really knew that I was pregnant, however I was very reluctant to test. We had suffered a devastating miscarriage a few months earlier and were still recovering emotionally. I didn’t want to take the test on mothers day as it would have been heartbreaking if it had come up negative.

Still, I just knew. I had all the symptoms I’d had the previous time, only stronger. Sore boobs that suddenly grew 3 cup sizes overnight, extreme tiredness and very vivid dreams.

I waited until early the next morning to pee on the stick. Sure enough that second line came up right away! I crawled back into bed and waited for Damian to wake up before I told him the news. There was no jumping for joy or happy dances, as we knew there was quite a way to go before we could let ourselves get excited.

I had a day off work that day, so went to the doctor to get the requisite tests and referrals. We knew we were going to need support to get through those first few weeks, so we let our immediate family and close friends know right away. Then the countdown began to our first scan at 7 weeks.

At 6 weeks I started spotting and was heartbroken. It happened at the same time in my first pregnancy and I was convinced it was all over. Fortunately though, there was no pain and it never got heavier. I went back to the doctor to get another blood test and he was happy my HCG levels were rising normally which gave me some peace of mind.

The next day came the sickness. I have never been so sick in my life. I threw up 3 times within an hour of waking up and it would not stop. I took the day off work and called my mum who came and drove me the few hundred metres down the road to the doctor once again. He gave me a script for maxolon and I was able to drink and eat something decent for the first time in days. It didn’t last long and the next morning I was sick again, but this time there was streaks of blood. I called nurse on call and they recommended I head into emergency. My lovely mum came back and took me to the hospital.

We didn’t have to wait long before I was taken to a bed, given a gown to change into and a wonderful drug called Ondansetron. Within 15 minutes the nausea had calmed right down and I was able to eat a hydralite icypole. Then I was able to eat soup. They were satisfied I was hydrated enough and sent me back home after a few hours.

I spent the next week on the couch. I let my managers at work know as they were getting concerned my “tummy bug” was hanging around for an awfully long time! I was existing on crackers, water, sour lollies and cups of soup. I couldn’t cook and I couldn’t stand the sight or smell of meat. My mum and my mum in law very kindly made some meals to keep Damian going.


Finally I made it to 7 weeks and it was time for our first ultrasound. I was very nervous going in. It was the same ultrasound last time that showed there wasn’t a baby developing. I told the technician I would close my eyes and he could tell me when it was safe to look. It didn’t take him long before he said I might want to check out the screen. And there it was – a tiny little blob with a flickering heartbeat! I cried with relief. Things finally looked like they were going to be ok!