So I’m having a baby…

The test

It was mothers day this year when I really knew that I was pregnant, however I was very reluctant to test. We had suffered a devastating miscarriage a few months earlier and were still recovering emotionally. I didn’t want to take the test on mothers day as it would have been heartbreaking if it had come up negative.

Still, I just knew. I had all the symptoms I’d had the previous time, only stronger. Sore boobs that suddenly grew 3 cup sizes overnight, extreme tiredness and very vivid dreams.

I waited until early the next morning to pee on the stick. Sure enough that second line came up right away! I crawled back into bed and waited for Damian to wake up before I told him the news. There was no jumping for joy or happy dances, as we knew there was quite a way to go before we could let ourselves get excited.

I had a day off work that day, so went to the doctor to get the requisite tests and referrals. We knew we were going to need support to get through those first few weeks, so we let our immediate family and close friends know right away. Then the countdown began to our first scan at 7 weeks.

At 6 weeks I started spotting and was heartbroken. It happened at the same time in my first pregnancy and I was convinced it was all over. Fortunately though, there was no pain and it never got heavier. I went back to the doctor to get another blood test and he was happy my HCG levels were rising normally which gave me some peace of mind.

The next day came the sickness. I have never been so sick in my life. I threw up 3 times within an hour of waking up and it would not stop. I took the day off work and called my mum who came and drove me the few hundred metres down the road to the doctor once again. He gave me a script for maxolon and I was able to drink and eat something decent for the first time in days. It didn’t last long and the next morning I was sick again, but this time there was streaks of blood. I called nurse on call and they recommended I head into emergency. My lovely mum came back and took me to the hospital.

We didn’t have to wait long before I was taken to a bed, given a gown to change into and a wonderful drug called Ondansetron. Within 15 minutes the nausea had calmed right down and I was able to eat a hydralite icypole. Then I was able to eat soup. They were satisfied I was hydrated enough and sent me back home after a few hours.

I spent the next week on the couch. I let my managers at work know as they were getting concerned my “tummy bug” was hanging around for an awfully long time! I was existing on crackers, water, sour lollies and cups of soup. I couldn’t cook and I couldn’t stand the sight or smell of meat. My mum and my mum in law very kindly made some meals to keep Damian going.


Finally I made it to 7 weeks and it was time for our first ultrasound. I was very nervous going in. It was the same ultrasound last time that showed there wasn’t a baby developing. I told the technician I would close my eyes and he could tell me when it was safe to look. It didn’t take him long before he said I might want to check out the screen. And there it was – a tiny little blob with a flickering heartbeat! I cried with relief. Things finally looked like they were going to be ok!


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