18 Weeks

Baby is the size of… A Sweet Potato


How am I feeling? Apart from a minor cold, I’m feeling ok. I still have done virtually nothing to prepare for bubs arrival. I did pick out some colour cards from Bunnings for the baby’s room, but I’m so indecisive nothing is likely to happen on the painting front. This kid will probably be 10 before it gets a nicely decorated room.

Best moment this week? Finishing the week! I’m very much looking forward to a sleep in,

Symptoms? Since yesterday I have developed elephant feet and mega cankles. I thought this wasn’t meant to happen til later! I am worried about pre eclampsia, but I have no other symptoms. The swelling is just in my feet, and I’m still able to wear my wedding rings comfortably. I also haven’t had any headaches and all the checks at the midwife appointment last week were fine.

Also the little kicks and movements I have been feeling have been getting stronger and more frequent. I always get a bit of a tap dance when I drink coffee. I can’t tell if bub loves or hates it!

Purchases? A few more maternity items – I’m pretty much all in maternity clothes now. I’m going to have to pack away all my regular clothes (or have a massive clean out)

What am I looking forward to this week? I have the Morphology scan this week, where they will check bub’s anatomy and make sure all the bits are where they should be. Can’t wait to see him/her again!


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