19 Weeks

How many weeks: 19!


Baby is the size of… A mango (yum!)

How am I feeling? Pretty good! I’ve had a lot more energy in the last couple of days, and have found I haven’t had to eat as much or as often. I’ve put on about 3 kg in the last 2 weeks, which I am attributing to binging after practically not eating for 2 whole months. That said, I am only 3kg up over all on my pre-conception weight, so it can’t be that bad really. I am going to see a dietician next week who can hopefully help me ensure minimal weight gain over the next 20 weeks or so.

Best moment this week? The morphology scan! We have one pretty healthy but very uncooperative bubba! It has all its bits in all the right places. 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet, 2 hands and 5 fingers on each hand. Kidneys and stomach seem to be functioning and there are lenses developing in the eyes. Bubs was moving around a lot, but wouldn’t get into the right position to get the right angles for the heart pics. This means I need to go back in 2 weeks and try again. I’m not worried – I know the heart was beating at a good rate – I’m a bit excited we get to have another look!


We also had a sneaky peek at the sex – something I never thought I would agree to. I was certain I wanted the surprise in the delivery room. However over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling very disconnected from the pregnancy. It didn’t seem real, I didn’t feel like I was bonding with bubs. I was anxious and worried and thought finding out what we were having might help me feel better. It’s only early days, but I’m pleased we found out. I’m starting to see him/her as a real little human and will hopefully be able to enjoy this pregnancy now!

Oh, and it’s a little secret for us for the moment. I’m sure all will be revealed eventually!

Symptoms? The kicking and moving! I was finally able to confirm that what I have been feeling are definitely kicks and movement. At the ultrasound we could see bubs moving on the screen and I could feel the big ones at the same time! Since then, I’ve found bubs most active when I’m sitting down and particularly in the evenings.

Purchases? Still nothing for bubs. But now I know what we are having I’ll be sure to start soon!

What am I looking forward to this week? I have taken this coming Tuesday as an annual leave day as I have my first appointment with the obstetrician in the morning and the dietician in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to the sleep in and finding out what’s going to happen next!


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