22 Weeks

How many weeks: 22


Baby is the size of… A Papaya… or according to another app, an American Guinea Pig.

How am I feeling? Tired, occasionally queasy and a little bit stressed due to work pressures. I keep telling myself there is only 13 weeks till Mat leave. 63 working days, possibly less! Work has advertised my mat leave position this week, which will hopefully see me spend a good few weeks with my replacement before I leave.

What’s happened this week? I had a follow up appointment at the hospital to get my ultrasound and glucose test results. Fortunately all is well on both fronts! I do have to repeat the glucose test at 28 weeks though, just to make sure all is well. I tolerated it ok last time, so I hope it’s the same next time. I don’t have any more appointments for 4 more weeks which is probably the longest stretch I’ve had throughout this pregnancy.

Symptoms? I finally got to feel some kicks from the outside! It was 5.30am on Thursday morning and I couldn’t sleep because my hips were sore and the cat was making a fuss. I felt a kick and thought I’d take my chance and put my hand on my tummy where I felt it. Usually bubs stops as soon as I try to feel the kicks, but not this time!

What next? Busy busy busy week this week. 2 work functions and Damian’s umpires presentation night. I’m going to be wrecked by the end of the week, but I have a catch up with my girlfriends to look forward to!


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